Daily Deal: 44% off military-grade Galaxy S10 case

Your Galaxy S10 is expensive and you would want to keep it in good shape. No one wants to see the glass on their flagship phone crack from a fall or get scratches from everyday wear and tear, not to mention you’d want your phone to fetch the best price possible whenever you decide to sell it off. The best way to protect a smartphone is to slap a case on it, and if you’re looking for a tough case that doesn’t hide the beautiful gradient back of your Galaxy S10, the Zizo Ion Series military-grade case fits the bill very well.

And right now, Amazon has the case on sale for a 44% discount off the regular price. We can’t make any guarantees the discounted price will stay that way for long, so go ahead and hit the Buy Now button below to buy the Zizo Ion Series military-grade case for your Galaxy S10!

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You cracked that blue S10 on the photo ?