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    Samsung completes work on massive LED display at NYC’s One Times Square


    Last updated: June 19th, 2019 at 13:43 UTC+02:00

    Samsung Electronics America subsidiary PRISMVIEW recently completed the installation of a gigantic five-screen LED display at the One Times Square building located in New York City. The display assembly, capable of full-motion video and live-streaming, will be used primarily for advertisements in this key high-traffic location. This could mean that Samsung’s very own Galaxy Note 10 might be showcased on the big screens ahead of the phone's August unveiling that will reportedly take place in the same city.

    The LED assembly leverages on Samsung’s XPS 160 and XPS 080 SMART LED Signage technology promising an energy-saving design and advanced color calibration. With an area of over 1,081 square meters, the five-screen setup took three months to be installed and the entire process can be seen in a two-minute time-lapse video shared by Samsung on YouTube.

    “New York’s Times Square is not only a high-traffic location, it is a symbolic center of culture and commerce, making it the ideal place to showcase our leading technology on such a colossal scale” said Samsung Electronics’ EVP of Visual Display Business, Seog-gi Kim.

    Samsung has historically showcased some of its Galaxy S and Note flagships on the Times Square digital billboards ahead of their release. This could very well be the case with the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 phablets, both of which are likely to feature OLED panels with a larger-than 6.4-inch footprint.

    Samsung would kill two birds with one stone by advertising both its LED Signage business and the upcoming mobile devices simultaneously. This LED-ception would be quite reflective of Samsung’s usual business approach to being self-sufficient, even though the massive LED billboard was constructed on behalf of Jamestown, the real estate company managing the 25-story One Times Square building.

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