Samsung’s latest ad features some gangster music and a dancing baby

Samsung has come up with a new ad for the Galaxy S10 and the wearables launched along with it. The ad, titled ‘Samsung Galaxy: Seamlessly connect your Galaxy’, tries to showcase how Samsung products are designed to work together seamlessly. It features a Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active, a crying baby and some gangster music.

In the ad, we see a baby suddenly stop crying when the phone (Galaxy S10+) starts to ring with Party Up from American rapper DMX as the ringtone. When the father declines the call from his Galaxy Watch Active with a simple swipe, the baby starts to cry again. The parents realize the baby likes the song and play it on the phone and later on a Samsung TV, all the while showing how easy it is to move from one device to another without any friction. The neat little ad ends with a happy baby dancing to the catchy song.

The 45-second commercial lacks any dialogue or jabs at Apple but is endearing and effective in its messaging. The Korean company also has a page centered on the theme of the ad on its website, where customers can learn more about the connected nature of its latest flagship smartphone and wearables.

Samsung came up with an equally appealing ad for its Galaxy Tab S5e recently. You can find that commercial here.

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