Samsung’s new ads target the ‘double dongle’ life and other iPhone limitations

Samsung is back with new advertisements that poke fun at the iPhone and arch-rival Apple as part of the Ingenius series. The name is a play on the Genius Bar found in Apple stores, where employees are tasked with providing support to consumers and also give them a reason to buy the iPhone. And the four ads that have been released on YouTube talk about a different aspect of the iPhone and how the Galaxy S9 does it better, telling us to “upgrade to Galaxy.”

Gist of the ads? The Galaxy S9 does it better

The first ad was released earlier last week and has the consumer straight up pointing out the fact that the iPhone X doesn’t have the fastest download speeds. The employee’s answer? “But it is faster than the iPhone 8.” It’s a somewhat silly ad considering download speeds aren’t a feature the average consumer looks for when shopping for a new phone, but the other three ads are rather spot on.

The funniest one is the one where a guy asks what he is supposed to do when he wants to use his wired headphones and charge the iPhone at the same time. A “double dongle” is the solution, following which the consumer throws in a double entendre by saying “that sounds explicit.” This is probably the one that hits the hardest, even though the headphone jack has been removed from their flagships by more than just Apple.

The other two videos talk about the camera and the lack of a fast charger in the iPhone X retail box. In the former, the employee himself points out that the customer has been reading DxOMark scores, where the Galaxy S9 scores higher. The fast charger ad, meanwhile, makes fun of the fact that the consumer has to first buy a USB Type-C to Lightning cable and then splurge on Apple’s official fast charger to take advantage of fast charging, a feature that debuted on the tenth-anniversary iPhone.

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