New rumor says Galaxy Note 10 Pro will have only 25W fast charging

The Galaxy Note 10 may not come with 45W fast charging, according to a tweet from XDA Developer’s Max Weinbach. A previous rumor excited everyone by suggesting that the Galaxy Note 10 will have fast charging speeds almost double of what the Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy A70, and Galaxy A80 offer, but the 45W fast charging tech may debut on the Galaxy A90 instead. And it’s certainly plausible — the Galaxy A70 was the first Galaxy phone with 25W fast charging to hit retail shelves, so the next jump in fast charging speeds in Samsung’s smartphone lineup may very well be introduced with a Galaxy A series phone.

It’s also worth mentioning that the new rumor specifically mentions the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, making us wonder if the fast charging speeds will be different on the regular Galaxy Note 10. Leaving the lower-end model on the old 15W fast charging tech wouldn’t be a major issue if it’s going to have just a 3,400 mAh battery, and it might also be one of the ways Samsung keeps the price of the device palatable. As for the Galaxy Note 10 5G, we’re assuming it might be the one with 45W fast charging, similar to how the Galaxy S10 5G can charge faster than the non-5G Galaxy S10 models.

With the Galaxy Note 10’s launch a few months away, we will probably see conflicting reports for a few more weeks before information from various leaks and rumors begins to converge. Frankly, it was always overly optimistic to expect the Galaxy Note 10 to offer charging speeds three times higher than the Galaxy S10, as that’s the kind of upgrade Samsung is unlikely to provide just six months after releasing the tenth-anniversary Galaxy S flagship.

Would the fast charging speed of the Galaxy Note 10 be a major factor influencing your decision to purchase the device when it comes out later this year? Or would you care more about features like the headphone jack, which may finally be on its way out from Samsung’s mainstream flagships?

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