Samsung kickstarts 6G network research with an eye on the future

The much-hyped 5G networks are finally going live in select parts of the world, but it’s still a long way before the technology matures and becomes commonplace. Samsung is aiming to become a dominant player in the 5G space and has been working aggressively with industry partners to get a head start.

Even before the fight for 5G dominance goes mainstream, the Korean company is already thinking about 6G networks with an eye on the future. According to reports, it has upgraded a research team working on next-generation telecommunication networks in Samsung Research, the company’s R&D hub, to a research center to fast-track development and standardization of 6G.

“The current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to start leading research on the 6G network,” said a Samsung official according to one of the reports.

While this may seem too early, it’s not uncommon for major companies to invest in research of products and services that are years, if not decades, away from hitting the market.  As uncertainty looms over some of Samsung’s existing businesses, the company has been actively looking for new growth engines to secure its future.

Samsung’s early investment in 6G seems like a good bet as Huawei’s growing troubles outside China offer the company an opportunity to play a bigger role in the global telecommunications market. Whether the Korean tech giant will be able to capitalize on the opportunity will be known in a few years from now.

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