Samsung will supply hardware for Verizon’s commercial 5G launch

Samsung has been selected by Verizon to help the United States’ largest mobile network to launch its commercial 5G network. The initial site for the fixed wireless access 5G service will be Sacremento, California, and we should see commercialization in the second half of 2018.

Samsung helping to pioneer 5G in the US

Last year, the two companies began deploying commercial 5G market trials in seven cities across the United States to get a feel for the tech’s capabilities. The trials proved fruitful, and Samsung has been deemed a reliable partner to help further the carrier’s 5G ambitions.

Samsung will provide Verizon with commercial 5G hardware such as home routers (CPEs), 5G Radio Access Units as well as 5G radio frequency planning services. With the use of this hardware, Verizon will be able to bring its fixed wireless access 5G network with fiber-like speeds to residents of Sacramento. It will also roll out the service in four other US cities by the end of this year.

The broadband service reached new heights during trials, literally; 5G service was able to reach the 19th floor of a building with a single 5G radio. It was unaffected by weather and achieved connectivity with or without a direct line of sight.

Samsung has been very involved in advancing commercial 5G. Its biggest R&D lab in India is also working on 5G technology. We can expect Samsung to continue playing a major role in the advancement of this next-generation standard.

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