No, you can’t use the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

This is a question that we’ve seen a lot of Samsung fans asking. Given the new form factor of the Galaxy Fold, they’re wondering whether it’s possible to use the S Pen on the Galaxy Fold. The idea may make sense to a lot of people.

You’ve got a big 7.3-inch internal display that’s just perfect for use with the S Pen. They feel that with this functionality, the Galaxy Fold will prove to be a true workhorse for professionals on the go. The truth is, the Galaxy Fold is still a true workhorse without the S Pen, but having S Pen support would certainly make it better. Alas, that is not the case.

The S Pen can’t be used on the Galaxy Fold

No, it’s not possible to use the S Pen on the Galaxy Fold. Samsung’s first foldable smartphone does not support its stylus. So you’re out of luck if you’ve been hoping to use the stylus with the device.

Some of our readers feel that they would have happily paid $2,000 for the Galaxy Fold if it did indeed have S Pen support. They argue that the additional functionality that it would have unlocked would justify the high price tag for the phone. Some feel that the true potential of the foldable display would be unlocked if the S Pen were to be supported.

Samsung obviously has to differentiate its different smartphone models. The S Pen is unquestionably the Galaxy Note lineup’s domain. Not even the mighty Galaxy S series encroaches upon it. So it may just be a question of maintaining the status quo as there’s no evidence to suggest that the Galaxy Fold’s arrival will mark the end of the Galaxy Note.

It may also be because Samsung might not have wanted to throw everything on the Galaxy Fold to see what sticks. Who knows, future generations may very well have S Pen support, but for now you can’t use the S Pen with the Galaxy Fold.

Would you have made the purchase if the Galaxy Fold did support the S Pen? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Also, read our Galaxy Fold hands-on if you’re on the fence about buying this phone.

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