Galaxy S10 5G is just as difficult to repair as the Galaxy S10+

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G isn’t all that different to the Galaxy S10+, so it shouldn’t be a whole lot harder to disassemble. That’s an assumption that was corroborated by a video that surfaced over the weekend, in which a mystery man tore down the handset, which launched in South Korea on April 5.

Last month, teardown expert iFixit delivered its verdict on the Galaxy S10+, naming it one of the most difficult phones to repair due to excessive use of strong adhesive and an internal structure that requires the device to be stripped to its shell to complete an otherwise basic screen replacement.

The Galaxy S10 5G is in the exact same boat, according to the teardown video; although, some carrier-branded models could prove to be a little trickier to dismantle since PBK Reviews unearthed a mysterious unused connector on the motherboard, and there’s no telling what it’s for.

iFixit awarded both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ a repairability score of three out of ten, with ten being the easiest to repair and one the most difficult, and we’re fairly confident that will be the same rating it assigns to the Galaxy S10 5G when it touches down in the United States on May 16.

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