Galaxy S10 AR Emojis can reflect your body movements in real-time

Ever wished your AR Emoji could dance as you do? That’s possible on Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S10 AR Emojis are capable of reflecting your body movements in real-time for your digital avatar.

This is made possible with DeepMotion’s Digital Avatar solution. It does away with canned animations for real-time motion capture from the camera view. It’s a completely unique way of having your movements reflect in the digital avatar.

Galaxy S10 AR Emojis can reflect your body movements

DeepMotion is led by experts from companies like Disney, Pixar, Ubisoft and Microsoft. The company makes this possible by using AI technology and robotic control theory. This means that the Galaxy S10 AR Emojis bring body language to emoji communications. It’s a significant improvement over previous limitations of just facial expressions and simple head movements.

Users will now be able to capture body movement using the rear camera or upper body movement with the front camera. This means that you can create an emoji of yourself dancing to your favorite song. It also opens up new ways to communicate with your loved ones as you can wave them hello as a character from an animated film.

As we mentioned in our Galaxy S10+ review, the feature works as intended. It makes the AR Emoji feature that much more useful. So it may become less of a novelty going forward as users will be able to do all sorts of interesting things with it now.

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