Good Lock with Android Pie and One UI support coming March 8

Samsung will soon push out an update to Good Lock that will make it fully compatible with Android Pie and One UI. When the One UI beta was released for the Galaxy S9 last year, many were disappointed to see that most of Good Lock’s plugins and apps failed to run properly. The development team had already said they’d be working on making Good Lock compatible with Pie, and it looks like the new version will be released on March 8 (this Friday).

The team behind Good Lock has also listed a number of new features and improvements that will make their way to users this month. For example, Task Changer will get new styles for the recent apps screen while the MultiStar plugin will bring back some of the Multi Window functionality that was removed with Android Pie (the Good Lock team has confirmed that the reduced Multi Window functionality on Pie is in accordance with some Google policy). Good Lock may even bring the Galaxy S10’s Best Shot camera feature as a plugin called NiceShot, which will help users frame a scene properly before they take a photo.

This Samsung Members post details more of the changes and features that Good Lock will get (such as a One UI look and feel), although the translation from Korean makes it hard to understand some of it. We’ll be sure to dig into the newer version of Good Lock once it goes live on March 8.

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