Galaxy A90 camera may have a sliding, rotating mechanism

Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy A series earlier this week. Only the A30 and A50 have been announced so far but there will be additional devices in the lineup which will come out down the line.

The Galaxy A90 is one such device. We have been hearing rumors about it for a few months now. Samsung is expected to go in a completely different direction for the camera. It would be in line with the company’s strategy to pack its midrangers full of technology.

Galaxy A90 camera to feature a sliding, rotating mechanism

A new rumor claims that the Galaxy A90 camera will be mounted on the slider and that it would be possible to rotate it. This would mean that the device won’t need separate cameras on the front and back. One camera system, be it dual or triple, would suffice.

There was a slightly different rumor with regards to this device’s camera three weeks ago. It claimed that the Galaxy A90 would have a pop-up camera with a no-notch display. The latest rumored system would allow for a display with no notches as well but the rotating mechanism is not something that is as yet a done deal.

We have already exclusively confirmed the color and storage details for the Galaxy A90. Additional details will emerge in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see how these camera-related rumors pan out. It’s safe to say that Samsung would be doing something unique with this device’s camera.

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