Information about the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy A70 battery size surfaces

There has been conflicting information about the battery capacity of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone. Some believe that it’s going to be launched as the Galaxy Fold. Whatever it ends up being called, it seems that the device may not have a combined capacity of 6,200mAh as per earlier reports.

There will actually be two batteries in the foldable smartphone because the device can fold in half. The two batteries will have equal capacity so the figure that will be quoted in the specs will reflect the combined capacity.

Galaxy Fold and Galaxy A70 battery sizes

GalaxyClub reports that the two 2,190mAh batteries for the Galaxy Fold have part numbers EB-BF900ABU and EB-BF901ABU. They provide a combined capacity of 4,380mAh. Earlier reports had claimed that the two 3,100mAh batteries will provide a combined capacity of 6,200mAh.

So even though the foldable smartphone will have decent battery capacity, it may not be as substantial as it was once hoped. Just how well it’s able to keep up with the two separate displays remains to be seen.

Some information about the battery size of Samsung’s new Galaxy A series has surfaced as well. Following reports that the Galaxy A50 will have a 4,000mAh battery, it’s now said that part number EB-BA705ABU is the 4,400mAh battery for the Galaxy A70. Samsung will be switching up the nomenclature for its Galaxy A series this year. The models may arrive as the Galaxy A10, A30, A50, A70 and A90.

It not known at this point in time when Samsung is going to launch the new Galaxy A series. It has confirmed the Galaxy S10 launch for February 20. The company has been dropping hints which suggest that the foldable smartphone may also be launched on that date.


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“EB-BA705ABU is the 4,400mAh”

Single battery = 4400
Why not put two these bateries to foldable phone ?


“It not known at this point in time…” last paragraph first line.


It is good