Galaxy S10 might not bring faster charging speeds after all

Samsung’s tenth Galaxy S flagship may not change things when it comes to the fast charging capabilities of the company’s smartphones, despite an earlier rumor that claimed the Galaxy S10 would bring faster charging speeds. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ have surfaced on China’s 3C certification website with the same charging specifications as those we have seen on Samsung flagships since the Galaxy Note 4.

These charging specs include the standard 5 volts, 2 ampere output and the 9 volts, 1.67 ampere output for fast charging. The charger is the same model that Samsung bundles with its flagships at the moment, and with the Galaxy S10 launch just a little over a month away, the 3C certification can be taken as confirmation that the Korean giant won’t be doing anything to improve charging times. Perhaps the company was too busy developing the reverse wireless charging feature instead?

Samsung’s fast charging implementation is far from inadequate, with 0-100 charging times that don’t differ all that much from other devices. But it’s the charging times for the first 50-60 percent that make the difference. Galaxy smartphones aren’t as quick to reach 50 percent charge as some of the competition, which can be a problem when you’re looking to top up your phone battery to a usable level in a hurry.

Do you feel Samsung should move to the newer, more efficient fast charging standards, or do you think what we have now on the company’s devices is more than enough?

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