Galaxy S10 launch event may not take place at MWC 2019

If history is any indication, the Galaxy S10 launch event should take place at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona next month. Samsung has been using the MWC stage to unveil new Galaxy S flagships for the past few years. So why should 2019 be any different?

However, a Korean news outlet is now reporting that Samsung is not going to launch the Galaxy S10 at MWC 2019. It may actually launch it earlier. Many of Samsung’s fans will certainly not mind that they get to see the device earlier if this is true.

Galaxy S10 launch event reportedly taking place in San Francisco

Citing industry sources, The Korea Herald reports that Samsung is going to hold the Galaxy S10 launch event one week ahead of MWC 2019 in San Francisco next month. The Mobile World Congress 2019 begins February 28th in Barcelona so you can do the math.

The report mentions that there had been a discussion at Samsung about changing the place and timing of the Galaxy S10 launch. It’s presumed that Samsung decided to launch the Galaxy S10 early to undercut Huawei’s possible launch of its first foldable smartphone at MWC. Samsung’s foldable phone is due to arrive in the first half of this year but it’s unclear if it will be shown at MWC.

Even if Huawei doesn’t launch a foldable smartphone at MWC, an early launch would work in Samsung’s favor. Many of its rivals will be unveiling new devices at the trade show. Moving up the Galaxy S10 launch event will ensure that Samsung gets at least a few days’ news cycle all to its 10th anniversary flagship.

There hasn’t been an official confirmation of this as yet, though. Samsung hasn’t confirmed the date for the Galaxy S10 launch event. Nevertheless, time to get excited. February can’t come fast enough.


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20th Feb was the date that was rumoured before the new year


San Francisco! They’re taking their new devices to California, right in Apples back yard. Interesting!