Samsung seems to have backtracked on time limit for free Galaxy themes

We reported last month that Samsung would implement a time limit for free Galaxy themes with Android Pie. A notice was sent out through the Samsung Themes store to inform users that they would only be able to use free themes for fourteen days after they’re applied.

However, it appears that Samsung has backtracked on implementing a time limit on free themes. There no mention of the fourteen day trial in the app anymore when applying a free theme on a device with the Android Pie beta.

Samsung backtracking on time limit for free Galaxy themes?

Samsung didn’t offer a clear explanation for this policy change. The notice only said that starting with Android Pie, free themes will be usable for fourteen days. The device will revert to Samsung’s default theme automatically once the time was up.

What the notice did say was that the policy has been changed to “help our designers continue to create high quality products and also to provide stable and satisfactory services for you.” It felt like Samsung wanted to enable theme developers to make more money by limiting the use of free themes.

Users were to receive a pop-up notification the day before and also ten minutes before the usage period for their applied theme was to run out. The notification would also include suggestions for other themes.

Samsung seems to have changed the free Galaxy themes once again. There’s no mention of the fourteen day trial anymore in the Samsung Themes app. The button that reminded users of the trial when applying a free theme is no longer there.

Perhaps Samsung has realized that there may not be a lot of users willing to pay for themes in the first place. So instead of limiting their options, it may have backtracked. However, it’s possible that the policy could be implemented once again after Android Pie is released to the public. It’s in beta now, after all.

Do you think that’s what has happened here? Do you prefer this policy over the time limit? Let us know in the comments below.


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It doesn’t matter for me, as I change themes a lot, but if I do want to use one a bit longer I just disable the two theme app settings with Package Disabler Pro, but it’s good news for those who don’t want to change. The policy would be an annoyance for many people……if in fact they have changed the policy. As you said Adnan, it’s not totally clear that that’s the case.

Blood Wolfe
Blood Wolfe

I’m glad they changed that stupid policy. If it’s free then it should actually be FREE! I was going to stop buying themes period just to spite them and their stupid policy and I am sure I wasn’t going to be the only one. Glad free means free again without that stupid 14-day limit. If they want more people to pay for themes though, theme creators/developers need to make better themes. For me personally, not many themes there that I like but the ones I do I always pay for. I just find a lot don’t look that great or… Read more »


That pop up also showed up for those of us NOT running Beta software so it’s not connected to the Android Pie beta. And I don’t see it on the Theme Store in 8.0 anymore either. So hopefully Samsung did backtrack on this. I wrote DJ Koh a rather lengthy letter when that announcement was maid explaining why I thought it was a bad idea for both users AND developers. And I know other people did too. So hopefully he took those into consideration and reverted the decision. The Theme Engine is one of Samsung’s strongest selling points, it’d be… Read more »


Free themes should be without limits.

Imagine Galaxy Apps without free apps. Only paid.

This is stupid idea. Good that they backtracked from this.