Exclusive: Cheapest Galaxy S10 model to have 64GB of internal storage

Update: We have learned that Samsung will offer a 128GB variant of the cheapest Galaxy S10. That is to be expected, but it remains to be seen if there will also be a 256GB option like the Galaxy S9.

Original story follows

The Galaxy S9 – the small one, not the Plus model – doesn’t have a lot going for it other than its compact size. While the Galaxy S9+ comes with a dual rear camera and 6GB of RAM, the Galaxy S9 gets a single camera and 4GB of RAM. It doesn’t have a big battery, either, just like the small versions of previous Galaxy S flagships, and Samsung says adding a dual rear camera to the 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 would have required downsizing the battery down from 3,000 mAh.

Rumors have suggested that the cheapest of the three Galaxy S10 models that will launch next year will also have a single rear camera. Whether it will also have lower RAM than the other two Galaxy S10s remains to be seen, but our sources suggest that the cheapest Galaxy S10 model will fall behind in another category: internal storage.

Divide between Samsung’s flagship variants might grow wider next year

The ‘entry-level’ Galaxy S10, which comes with model number SM-G970x, will have 64GB of storage on the base variant. The SM-G973x and SM-G975x will take after the Galaxy Note 9, meanwhile, with 128GB of internal storage. That means consumers will have one more reason to skip the entry-level variant of Samsung’s new flagship next year. 64GB of internal storage may be fine for many, but it doesn’t change the fact that the divide between the variants of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S phones will increase further in 2019.

It’s still a little early to say anything for certain, though, and our information may turn out to be incorrect. A leak earlier today suggested Samsung may offer dual rear (and dual front) cameras on the base Galaxy S10 model and 128GB of storage. The leak is quite suspicious, especially since many rumors and reports have said that the base Galaxy S10 model would have only a single rear camera. But it wouldn’t be hard for Samsung to shift to 128GB of storage on the cheapest Galaxy S10 at a later stage in development.

However, going by the Galaxy S9, you might want to keep a lid on your expectations. Would you be fine with 64GB internal storage on the entry-level Galaxy S10, or do you think Samsung must offer a minimum of 128GB storage on all Galaxy S10 models?

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  • 64GB is more than enough when there's microSD card support. The heavier things - photos and videos - save directly to it.

    Now..."doesn’t have a lot going for it other than its compact size."

    Well, except the S9 is NOT compact at all.

    As for the "entry level" S10, I don't mind if it brings only 64GB, 4GB or RAM (I doubt it) or just a single camera AS LONG as the screen is 5". A REAL compact phone. Otherwise I don't see why anyone, with two oversized offerings at 5.8", would go for the one with lower everything.
    People who can afford the normal S9 can afford everything up from there. At upwards of 860€, the "low end" S10 doesn't even make sense.

    • The problem with lower internal storage is more a concern for those who use two SIMs I guess. That's common here in India, so the 128 GB of storage helps. But yeah, 64GB can still be enough with a little bit of management.

    • for me too , if people want more space they can buy an microSd card now they are more cheaper !!! but what i want is a damn god camera ( the best) front and rear camera must be upgraded !!!

  • Not sure who they are marketing the S10 lite for, if you are gunning for a flagship then why settle for a low spec option?

    As long as the S10 normal has bare minimum spec of 6gb ram and 128 GB memory, smaller size dimensions thanks to smaller chins than s8 with dual camera.

    Ideally the standard S10 will have 8gb ram, 256 internal memory, ups, for & triple camera with a foot print smaller than the s8 by 1 cm in height then that would be great! But don't make it stupid thick or wide!

  • I just want a bigger battery and more ram in the small model. don't care for the dual cameras.

  • what a big lie !! they remove the fingerprint sensor and still no place for a second camera ? wow what a big lie !!! so it means the s10 with dual camera will not have the 5.8 inch display !! it will be 6.1 inch too big for me !! but the price of course will be bigger for "cheaper" s10 !! damn you Samsung !!