Caviar’s Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition costs $58,000

Starting at $999 for the base variant, the Galaxy Note 9 is already an expensive device and out of reach for many users, but it still appears ‘cheap’ when compared to the Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition from the Russia-based Caviar Royal Gift firm.

Clearly aimed at the super-rich who like to flaunt their wealth, the Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition comes with a custom back panel made with 1 kg of pure gold. Pricing starts at a staggering RUB 3,87 million (~$57,600) for the 128 GB variant. On the plus side, the 512 GB variant costs just $300 more, so do get the higher storage model if you end up buying one.

Caviar also has other ‘cheaper’ Galaxy Note 9 options

If the Fine Gold Edition sounds too expensive, Caviar also has other ‘cheaper’ options priced around RUB 250,000 (~$3,700) with different designs, engravings, and materials. There are a few Galaxy S9 models as well if you are not a fan of Note series.

Looks are subjective, but designs like this Fine Gold Edition can be objectively termed as ugly. Ironically, other ‘cheaper’ designs in the collection look a lot better than the bulky slab of gold. Thankfully, Caviar’s customizations are limited only to the exteriors, so buyers will at least get the same capable Galaxy Note 9 on the inside.

If Caviar’s work interests you, you can check out their store for many such luxury offerings.

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