Galaxy Note 9 battery capacity revealed in ANATEL listing

One of the earliest Galaxy Note 9 rumors we heard was that the upcoming flagship would feature a 4,000mAh battery. It was an exciting prospect and an early hands-on of the Galaxy Note 9 mentioned that the device would be good for up to 25 hours of continuous video playback at maximum brightness. A filing with the National Telecommunications Agency ANATEL in Brazil has now revealed that the Galaxy Note 9 will indeed feature a 4,000mAh battery.

Galaxy Note 9 battery capacity

The 4,000mAh Galaxy Note 9 battery capacity will be a significant improvement compared to its predecessor. The Galaxy Note 8 features a 3,300mAh battery, it’s actually smaller than the one found in the Galaxy S8+. Samsung may have played it safe for the Galaxy Note 8 after the disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7.

It has been claimed in multiple reports and rumors that the Galaxy Note 9 battery capacity will be 4,000mAh. Couple the larger battery with the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy Note handsets have historically been better optimized and you’re looking at a bonafide productivity powerhouse.

The ANATEL listing doesn’t mention a whole lot of information about the new flagship but does point out that its battery capacity will be 4,000mAh. It’s important to mention here that the Galaxy S9’s battery capacity was correctly mentioned as 3,000mAh in the ANATEL filing we came across earlier this year. The filing confirmed the battery size for Samsung’s new flagship smartphone before it was announced so it can be considered as a reliable source of information for the Galaxy Note 9 as well.

This will certainly be a welcome addition to the Galaxy Note lineup which many customers prefer for getting work done on the move. Anyone who requires utmost productivity out of their handset would tell you just how important it is to have substantial battery life. It looks like the Galaxy Note 9 will be able to deliver in that regard.

Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy Note 9 officially on August 9 in New York. It’s likely going to be released on August 24.

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