Samsung CEO spotted using the Galaxy Note 9 in public

We’ve seen many leaks concerning the Galaxy Note 9 so far and it’s evident that the upcoming device doesn’t look all that different from the Galaxy Note 8. However, the placement of the fingerprint sensor at the back has been changed and that’s one of the ways you’ll be quickly able to differentiate between the two devices.

Since there aren’t any major design differences between the two devices, Samsung mobile division CEO DJ Koh feels pretty confident in using the Galaxy Note 9 in public. He was spotted using the new flagship at a media appearance earlier today.

Samsung CEO with the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung hasn’t unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 officially as yet. It’s going to do that on August 9. That’s when everyone will be able to see what the device looks like. We mentioned in our detailed coverage of Galaxy Note 9 leaks and rumors that the device looks almost identical to its predecessor.

The bottom bezel at the front is reportedly going to be slightly thinner than it was on the Galaxy Note 8. Other than that, both devices will look identical. The only noticeable design change will be at the back where the dual camera system gets a new housing. The fingerprint sensor won’t be located alongside the camera sensors but below it.

We can clearly see that Koh was using the Galaxy Note 9 during his media appearance by zooming into the photo. The fingerprint sensor isn’t where one would find it on the Galaxy Note 8 but below the camera sensors as it’s expected to be on the Galaxy Note 9.

He’s doing something on his device with the S Pen but his hand covers most of it so it’s difficult to see what design changes have been made to the new stylus. An earlier leak revealed the Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen in all its glory. The new S Pen will have Bluetooth support which will enable it to perform a whole host of new features.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be announced on August 9 in New York City. Samsung is expected to release it on August 24.


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So the CEO is pretty confident that we won’t notice the difference! I certainly won’t be rushing to buy one.


He doesn’t look happy using the phone😂

Abhijeet M.
Abhijeet M.

Probably what all testers at Samsung feel because of the beta software that it must be running at the moment. 😛


Because he was taking notes from a consumer’s feedback. I was at the scene. This is a discussion with Chinese consumers – as a discussion should be, talking about the problems Samsung currently have.