What’s New With Android 8.0 Oreo Part 15: Automatically turn Wi-Fi on near known networks

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Android 8.0 Oreo makes many significant changes to the operating system, both under the hood and in the user interface. There are also a few minor features that aren’t easy to find, especially ones that are part of stock Oreo and not exclusive to Samsung devices. One of these minor features is a new option in Wi-Fi settings that, when enabled, turns on Wi-Fi whenever the device is near a saved Wi-Fi network.

What’s New With Android 8.0 Oreo: Wi-Fi turns itself on near known networks

This works through location tracking; the device keeps track of where each saved Wi-Fi network is located. It’s a nifty feature, especially if you have ever forgotten to turn the Wi-Fi back on when you reach home after turning it off to avoid connecting to those saved public Wi-Fi networks that you don’t want to log in to. Of course, it’s also useful if you tend to turn Wi-Fi off to save battery juice when away from home or office, although the location tracking involved in making the Wi-Fi detection work is bound to negate any benefits that you’d benefit from disabling Wi-Fi.

What's New With Android 8.0 Oreo Part 15: Automatically turn Wi-Fi on near known networks

But the feature works well, and the OS also notifies you each time it adds a particular Wi-Fi network to the list of saved networks. It’s disabled by default, and to enable it on a Galaxy S8 running the Oreo beta, you need to go into the phone’s settings, tap Connections, tap Wi-Fi, then go into advanced Wi-Fi settings by tapping the three-dot button on the top right. Here, toggle the Toggle on Wi-Fi automatically option. Naturally, keeping Wi-Fi on is recommended until the phone learns the location of your most frequently used networks.

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4 days 7 hours ago
Christopher Estep

However, it does not turn it on with known networks OTHER than home – which is, in fact, the problem. (An example of that is my doctor’s waiting room – which has wi-fi.)

20 days 10 hours ago

New? My S8+ on 7.0 always turn WiFi automatically on when I get home.

22 days 2 hours ago

This feature was here before the Oreo update, seemed to disappear at the start of it. And is now back again

18 days 16 hours ago

I’m with 7.0 November patch – option does not exists.

bosson med
22 days 7 hours ago
bosson med

What’s New??????