Adults prefer the Galaxy S8 in the United States, survey reveals

It would appear that the Galaxy S8 is a hit among adults in the United States, while teenagers prefer Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8. At least, that’s what a new survey conducted by market research firm Propeller Insights would lead you to believe.

The US-based company revealed that 38 percent of adults are looking forward to unboxing a Galaxy S8 on Christmas Day, while only 20 and 22 percent of them are hoping to receive the recently-released iPhone X and iPhone 8, respectively.

Teenagers, on the other hand, exhibited a completely different preference. The survey uncovered that 25 percent would choose the Galaxy S8 (or Galaxy S8+), whereas 35 percent said they’d rather receive an iPhone X or iPhone 8.

USA Today believes that adults favor the Galaxy S8 because of its fingerprint recognition feature and headphone jack, which aren’t available on the iPhone X. Teenagers sensitive to trends aren’t interested in these tools, it added.

It all comes down to price

The main difference between the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, however, is pricing. The former can now be picked up for $700, with the latter setting customers back $999. Needless to say, that’s another reason adults prefer Samsung’s offering.


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That’s awesome news for Samsung, but I question the accuracy of this survey or the way the question was worded. Anecdotally, although I definitely see more Galaxy S phones than ever before–presumably S7s and S8s–I’d say I still see about 2x more iPhones.

But for many, the new iPhones are too expensive, especially the X. Combined with the more aggressive carrier promos I tend to see for Samsung phones, I have to wonder if the S8 is really the only feasible option, hence the phone they *expect* to get vs. the one they “want.”


I understand that logic, but as an adult, I’d pick a Galaxy S series over any equivalent iPhone varient (S6 Edge > iPhone 6, S7 Edge > iPhone 7, etc) any day, regardless of a few bucks difference. As a matter of fact, even if the S8+ happened to be more expensive that the iPhone 8/X, I’d still pick the S8+ (That shit is beautiful).


They may prefer any phone they wish. Just stay away from the unlocked Note 8 – you won’t get any updates in 2017 🙂 business phone 🙂 lol