Bixby on Galaxy S8 Active has a weird Calendar bug

Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 Active a couple of months back. It’s the first rugged smartphone of its kind to feature Bixby, Samsung’s AI-powered digital assistant. The assistant seems to have a weird bug, though, as many Galaxy S8 Active owners are complaining about it on Samsung’s support forum.

Several owners have reported that Bixby on Galaxy S8 Active can’t launch the Calendar app. It should be very easy for the assistant to do this as it’s fully capable of launching native applications.

Bixby On Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung’s support forum has countless posts from Galaxy S8 Active owners who are experiencing this bug. The reports go back several weeks and it’s still not clear why Bixby is unable to launch the app.

When it’s given the command to launch Calendar, Bixby on Galaxy S8 Active says that the app needs to be updated. Users say that it displays this message even if they have the latest version of the app installed.

It’s not known at this point in time what might be causing this issue. Samsung hasn’t said anything as yet but a forum moderator has said that the issue will be reported to the company.

This bug is surely device specific because Bixby on my Galaxy S8+ launches Calendar on command, as it should.

Have you experienced this on your Galaxy S8 Active? Let us know in the comments below.

Bixby on Galaxy S8 Active


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