Galaxy Note 8 is going to be a nightmare to repair

The Galaxy Note 8 can be disassembled in ten relatively straightforward steps, reveals a teardown published by iFixit on Friday, but due to an abundance of small parts and the excessive use of adhesive, it’s a bit of a massive pain to reassemble.

Steering away from the traditional component layout, Samsung has positioned the battery in the center of the Galaxy Note 8 and moved the vibration motor to the bottom-right to provide the cell with some wiggle room, should it happen to heat up and expand.

There’s little chance of that happening though, seeing as the 3,300mAh battery the firm selected has not only been subjected to its extensive eight-point Battery Safety Check, but also tested by Underwriters Laboratories, a third-party company.

Most of the components found within the handset are modular and can be replaced independently, says Android Geek’s Blog, but having to remove the fragile (and expensive) rear panel to access the parts should be enough to convince customers to visit a support centre.

For this reason, the folks over at iFixit assigned the Galaxy Note 8 a repairability score of four out of ten; I guess Samsung’s main aim was to build a successor to the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 that didn’t burst into flames, not one that was super easy to repair.


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