Thousands of Galaxy Note 4 batteries have been recalled in the United States

Samsung dealt with a very costly recall last year after it was discovered that the Galaxy Note 7’s battery wasn’t safe. It ended up discontinuing the flagship handset and booked billions in losses. There has now been another Galaxy Note-related recall but it’s not going to worry Samsung as much.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled over 10,000 Galaxy Note 4 batteries in the country. It covers Galaxy Note 4 units that went through AT&T’s refurbishing process and were distributed to customers through the FedEx Supply Chain.

It has been discovered that some of the batteries in those refurbished units are counterfeit and show anomalies that can cause them to overheat. The batteries are non-OEM which means they were not supplied by Samsung.

Fortunately, this hasn’t caused any problems to those users just yet. There has only been one report of overheating so far and it didn’t cause any damage to the user or their property. The counterfeit batteries weren’t placed into all of the recalled units but the general recall has been issued to ensure safety for all users.

Those who own one of the refurbished handsets have been advised to stop using the recalled battery and power down their unit. They will soon receive by mail from FedEx Supply Chain a free, new replacement battery and a postage paid return box to send the recalled battery back.


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This is what happens when you have a proper phone design: you don’t dispose of the phone just because the battery fails.

Sadly Samsung has forgotten all about proper designs.


You could have made it clear that these were counterfeit batteries in your headline. This has no correlation to Note7. Typical shoddy journalism from Sammobile.


I agree with you, “Typical shoddy journalism from Sammobile”. I will not refer Sammobile anymore


The Note 7 could have had the same outcome – new batteries issued to all owners, story over. If only.

As to counterfeit batteries, Amazon must shoulder some responsibility l suspect. They are very happy to turn a profit whilst turning a blind eye to what is sold under their roof.