Samsung gets a favorable ruling in Galaxy Note 7 class action lawsuit

Some 1,900 owners of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea filed a class action lawsuit against the company last year. They sought compensation for their troubles after the handset was recalled twice and eventually discontinued. They wanted compensation to the tune of $822,000.

Samsung was quick to cater to Galaxy Note 7 customers after it discontinued the handset. All customers were offered full refunds. Those who didn’t want a refund could purchase another Samsung model in exchange.

Samsung decided to contest the case in court and it has come out on top. A local court has ruled in favor of Samsung. The court finds that it’s hard to believe the customers’ inconvenience following the recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

The entire case was built up on the premise of inconvenience. The customers claimed that they were inconvenienced by having to make multiple visits to after-sales service centers in person. They did so at their own time and expense for battery check-ups and exchanges.

The Seoul Central District Court did not find that the claims of inconvenience hold any merit. So it has handed down a ruling in favor of Samsung. The company will not have to pay any compensation to the customers who filed the class action lawsuit.



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Philip Miranda

What about the people who had to settle for a sub par s7, and now we are stuck with this phone for two years. Shouldn’t there be something so we can get the note 8 without having to pay to get rid of phone we had to settle for?


Some of us didn’t have a choice if we were on a subbed contract….ass.


Good! I think Samsung handled the recall very well, its just the biggest shame that they had to go through it. Full refunds were given, there is nothing more that Samsung could do.


Totally agree with the above!