Samsung invests $1 billion in its Texas chip foundry, aims to manufacture 4nm chips by 2020

Samsung’s chip manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas is one of the most technologically advanced foundries in the world. It was established back in 1997, and the company manufactures some of the latest and greatest memory, storage, and processing chipsets for itself as well as for big-name brands like Apple. Now, the company has invested $1 billion to improve the production facility even further. The company is also considering to increase the memory chip production at its facility in China.

The company recently spun off its foundry into a different arm and showcased its roadmap for manufacturing chipsets. According to a new report from The Investor, South Korean electronics giant Samsung is preparing itself for the “fourth largest industrial revolution” by producing more powerful and power-efficient chips for smart and connected devices with always-on displays. The company has invested $16 billion in its Austin chip plant since 1997.

Samsung Foundry is currently manufacturing 10nm FinFET chipsets, and is planning to go start a 7nm process in 2018 and a 4nm process in 2020. It is being reported that TSMC beat Samsung in moving to 7nm chipset, so it lost Qualcomm’s and Apple’s contracts for manufacturing SoCs for smartphones. The company recently unveiled its Exynos i T200 processor that’s meant for IoT devices. It is meant to support secure mobile communications among connected devices.

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