Tizen 4.0 first milestone release breaks new ground for the Internet of Things

The first milestone of Tizen 4.0 was released a couple of weeks ago and it marked a turning point for the platform. Samsung points out that Tizen is the “most successful Linux-based embedded OS in the world.”

Tizen 4.0 was developed to invigorate the app ecosystem by making the development experience easier and to build a robust device ecosystem so that any device manufacturer can create their own Internet of Things product.

To break new ground for the Internet of Things, Samsung closely worked with partners to improve the IoT-readiness, updatability and configurability of Tizen 4.0. As a result of these efforts, Tizen has been restructured significantly.

The previous version of Tizen only supported defined devices like TVs and smartphones. Samsung has configured Tizen 4.0 to support various devices without needing OEMs to build new projects and infrastructure for each type of device.

What this means is that device vendors can now configure and prototype an operating system for their devices with Tizen without having to set up their own build infrastructure or diverging their source code or binaries.

Samsung is going to distribute the Platform Development Kit to device makers once Tizen 4.0 is completed at the end of this year to help them in creating their own Internet of Things devices with the Tizen Update Service enabling them to update their IoT services.

Expect to see a lot more connected devices running Tizen next year.


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