Tizen 4.0 is on its way with support for Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET and IoT

Yesterday, Samsung announced that a new build of the Tizen operating system is its the way. Tizen 4.0 is set to arrive later this year equipped with a slew of nifty features that both consumers and developers will be able to enjoy, including compatibility for Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET and IoT optimization.

Unlike previous versions of the platform, Tizen 4.0 will reach a lot more devices. It’ll launch alongside a stripped down version of the OS — Tizen RT — which will be pre-loaded on vacuum cleaners, washing machines and a slew of other household appliances, and will communicate directly with Tizen 4.0-powered units.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features Samsung showcased during the Tizen Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

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