New leaks show the Galaxy Note 8 will just be a stretched Galaxy S8

Another day, another leak concerning the Galaxy Note 8. We’ve heard so much about this device already and it goes without saying that we will hear more about it in the days to come. The rumor mill already believes that the Galaxy Note 8 is going to have a lot of design similarities to the Galaxy S8.

It’s believed that the Galaxy Note 8 is going to feature a 6.3-inch Infinity Display. Samsung introduced its Infinity Display with the Galaxy S8 this year. It’s a dual-edge curved display that’s almost bezel-less. Samsung also did away with the home button and its logo on the front of the device to further increase the screen-to-body ratio.

Images of the purported front panel of the Galaxy Note 8 have been leaked online out of China. It’s evident at first glance that the Galaxy Note 8 is simply going to look like a Galaxy S8 that has been stretched from both ends. Then again, it’s not like that would be a bad thing. The Galaxy S8 has an impressive design that feels really great in the hand.

It merits mentioning here that the leaked panels you see here may not necessarily belong to the Galaxy Note 8 that Samsung unveils in a couple of months. The company is known for testing multiple prototypes of its new flagship smartphones so nothing is set in stone just yet. Who knows, the Galaxy Note 8 may come with some design changes after all.



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5 days 4 minutes ago

Definitely since I picked up the S8+ will pass if no finger printer reader under glass.

6 days 4 hours ago

not interested in a note or any other smartphone with a 6.3 screen.

9 days 20 hours ago

Removable batteries won’t come back now on flagships. In the case of the note 4 etc all we’d do is buy a new battery when needed and the phone went on and on. Now when the battery is tired it’s a new phone needed. I had the note 7 but if the note 8 has the fingerprint on the back I’ll be sticking with the S7 Edge for another year. Samsung are still the best in my opinion but maybe the yearly release of the top phones is too much. Perfect the phone then release it. Don’t just chase sales figures

10 days 13 hours ago

i dont bother it for being a stretched Galaxy S8. i am more interested if Samsung have managed to put the fingerprint scanner in the display, and what other technology improvements the note 8 will come with

11 days 13 hours ago

I want a Note 8 with flat screen removable plastic back and a replaceable battery or I’ll keep my Note 4.
Simple and sound.

8 days 14 hours ago

Get over it, removable battery for flagships is long gone. LG even gave up on it. Maybe one day you will get a clue.

11 days 14 hours ago

All I want is a Note 8 phone with a removable battery…but I think I am too late with such thinking…It seems my kind of thinking should have died out like the Dinosaurs….but still that kind of thinking is trying to linger..but no one dares to think that way except the stupid ones like me….

5 days 2 minutes ago

I think that removable backs and battery swapping have gone out of favor with the invent of fast charging and smaller power banks

Rohan D
11 days 13 hours ago

It sucks but the market has spoken and it’s never coming back. Not many people carried around spare batteries to justify the feature – especially when you can make less bulky devices with dust and water resistance.

Streamlining products catering for care free user experiences is where it’s at. Apple never had removable batteries in their products for this very reason.

Carry a portable charger if it’s that much of a concern.

9 days 12 hours ago

My Note 4 is on its 3rd battery now. The problem is not just the convenience of swapping the battery immediately and get 100% in less than a minute without having to carry a portable battery pack which I hate and is an inconvenience for me if I go out at night to a party or a club just with my bare pockets unlike just a simple spare battery.
Good battery cases (not crappy one) are bulky, expensive and made of plastic anyway so I dont see the point of making the phone more fragile by being thinner and almost made of glass if at the end of the day you have to buy a case made of plastic or leather to protect it.
Also in the long run batteries wear out and when they do your phone could start rebooting ramdonly like it happened with my original one. The first spare battery I bought almost 2 years ago doesn’t last long now and has started to show the same signs of tiredness so I’ll soon ditch it too and get a fourth one. 
Sealed batteries mean that to fix the issue either you have to spend more money and waste time in the repair shop (some of these fixers could be unqualified or not reliable) or buy a new phone so YES I would still prefer removable batteries to be able to change it on my own whenever I want to.

11 days 12 hours ago

The concern is that I want to charge my battery in an external charger on a regular basis….I also love spare batteries..and I also want a usable phone three or four years down the line…that is my main concern…I don’t suppose Samsung will be thinking in my way anymore….and so I expect to carry on with my Note 4 and Note 3 for as long as they carry on ticking away….but I don’t want to entertain an imprisoned battery in a phone I own and so I will be saving a lot of money depriving myself of new tech….but that is an experience worth having again and again…

Rohan D
11 days 8 hours ago

Being able to pop in a fresh battery and go from empty to full in seconds is wonderful. But it becomes less and less wonderful being stuck running old slow technology several generations and OSs’ behind.

Sure you’ll save money. But if you enjoy and like to experience new technologies, the old phones simply can’t compete.

10 days 18 hours ago

Yes you are very right …but I am airing a point of view….and also worried for my kind of people amongst the many billions who will not be happy with this state of affairs. …when manufacturers do not provide other options then they are in that CONTROL MODE …and I have no great regard for such manufacturers. ..and I was hoping that perhaps Sammy and LG might return to at least providing other OPTIONS to their old and faithful punters….I have VERY LITTLE regard for Apple and the other Names that embed batteries in the products they make despite their innovations and I guess the time is not far when I will think similarly about Sammy and LG….

11 days 15 hours ago

I would love to have the Note 1 ratio back (16:10). A piece of paper is roughly 3:2 (or 15:10).

I tested a S8+ against my Note 3, but the S8+ is much smaller. I doubt a mere 0,1″ more diagonal will get the old width back. Using the S8 series in landscape with the keyboard involved leaves almost nothing on screen.

11 days 18 hours ago

Since you have so many grains of salt, I won’t mind if you add one more.

11 days 19 hours ago

16:9 infinity display. Would work perfectly with an S Pen

11 days 19 hours ago

I saw those same screens as leaks for S8. Exactly the same parts with Note8 written behind instead of S8. We do need to cut down on the rubbish and not post any old crap that appears on the net as a leak. Some professionalism and filtering is required.

11 days 19 hours ago

We have a source in China who told us, that this 99% sure a Note 8 film. Hence we posted it.
And the S8 films were true as well sooo..