Galaxy S8+ battery life with two SIM cards and Always On Display enabled has me impressed

I wasn’t too hopeful of the Galaxy S8+ giving me good battery life when I started using the phone. I knew the 3,500 mAh battery inside the Galaxy S8+ was capable of lasting a day, but for the first time, I decided to use a Samsung flagship with two SIM cards, and that was something that hadn’t worked out great when I had tried it with the Galaxy S7 edge last year. But I have to say the Galaxy S8+ has me impressed with its battery life figures, especially with Always On Display enabled along with two SIM cards.

The other day, my S8+ managed to offer a screen time of nearly 3 hours and a total running time of 1 day and 4 hours, with 7 percent charge remaining. That screen time might not sound like much, and I hadn’t used the phone too heavily over the day. But when you take into consideration that the phone had to stay connected to two mobile networks and keep Always On Display running, that kind of endurance manages to impress. Whether it’s the new dedicated chip for AOD, the 10 nm Exynos chipset, software optimization, or all of those combined, the S8+ doesn’t disappoint, even if the battery life on Samsung’s flagships continues to be a far cry from what its mid-range phones can manage.


In fact, other than a couple of days where I’ve been on LTE data for a significant part of the day, I’ve not encountered any scenario where my S8+ needed to be charged to get by without worry. I’m sure those moments will present themselves in the future, but right now, my S8+ is doing a great job at keeping me company both on workdays and on weekends. If Samsung is to be believed, the S8+ (and S8) will retain 95 percent of its charge capacity after a year, so one can further hope the impressive battery endurance of the S8+ will continue to be a thing when the Galaxy S9 goes official.

I’ll be removing a SIM from my S8+ to see how battery life improves with a single SIM inside (and also testing it with AOD turned off) and sharing my results in the coming weeks. Have you been using your Galaxy S8 or S8+ with two SIM cards? How has your experience been with the phone’s battery life? Let us know in the comments!

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