Samsung offers an in-depth look at the Galaxy S8’s components

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It goes without saying that the Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous device, perhaps one of the best that Samsung has ever made. Have you stopped to wonder what are the little bits and pieces that make up this great device? If you have, then today is your lucky day.

Samsung has provided an in-depth look at all of the components that make up the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ today. The official teardown highlights the parts that blend form and function to bring us Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

The teardown mentions that the new flagship’s Mobile HDR Premium-certified OLED display has an 18.5:9-ratio and covers 80 percent of the entire front. It’s protected with Gorilla Glass 5 for enhanced durability.

Components like the Display Driver IC (DDI) have also been highlighted, it supports various image compression algorithms to reduce power consumption. There’s also a pressure sensor under the display where the home key would have been. The sensor responds in the same way that a physical button would.

The front camera module has been built into the Galaxy S8’s upper bezel to maximize screen space, it has an 8-megapixel f/1.7 autofocus camera with facial recognition while an iris scanner is embedded on a single module with the front camera.

Samsung explains more about the components inside the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in a post on its official blog. Don’t forget to check it out if you’re curious about what goes on under the hood.


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11 months 4 days ago

dear folks,
I am from India I too owned S8+. the same problem I too encounter that Sim tray is not fit into the phone properly. it is very very tough to take out and insert. I have fear that it may break at anytime. I have a doubt about Samsung flagship S8+ build quality… Samsung has give us proper solution. because in India its cost 65,000/-.Its higher than other region like US, UAE and so on… it is simple or easy spend on S8+ with faulty…