[Poll Results!] What’s your preferred screen lock feature on the Galaxy S8?

It has almost been a month since Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Many of you got the new flagship on April 21, the day it was released, and would by now have settled into a routine with your new device. Since the Galaxy S8 offers more screen lock security features than any other Android device, the question needs to be asked, which is your preferred screen lock feature nearly a month after you got this device?

Do you find yourself using the facial recognition feature as the primary screen lock method or has its novelty worn out and you’re just using a pattern on the lock screen? Vote below and let us know in the comments which screen lock feature you’re using daily and why.

Results: There’s a tie between iris recognition and fingerprint scanning as the preferred screen lock type, they both received 38 percent of the vote each. Facial recognition comes in third place with 15 percent of the vote. Pattern, PIN and Password came in fourth, fifth and sixth place wth 4 percent, 3 percent and 1 percent of the vote.

It’s not surprising to see that there’s a tie between iris recognition and fingerprint scanning. The comments on my latest opinion piece on the fuss about the Galaxy S8′s fingerprint scanner show that many who were initially concerned about the placement have got used to it now and are using it as their preferred screen lock type.

What's your preferred screen lock feature on the Galaxy S8?

  • Iris Recognition (38%, 819 Votes)
  • Fingerprint Scanning (38%, 812 Votes)
  • Facial Recognition (15%, 326 Votes)
  • Pattern (4%, 87 Votes)
  • PIN (3%, 72 Votes)
  • Password (1%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,132

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Sidharth Bhalotia
1 month 6 days ago

using finger print is not very convenient on the S8. Iris scanner is spontaneous. but none of them works when the device is in maximum power saving mode. and that, is a problem.

Eske Rahn
1 month 8 days ago

I use slide lock.
It’s simple.

1 month 8 days ago

Iris scanner doesn’t work very well for me, it’s hit and miss, just as with face recognition.
I do wear glasses, and it does work correctly if I hold my device at the correct angle and distance, even with glasses on.
I went with face since that works reasonably well, except when it’s darker, then finger print comes in play.

1 month 8 days ago

Iris Scanner & Fingerprint combo!!!

1 month 9 days ago

iris works amazingly well for my surprise, it even works with my sunglasses on inside of my car.amazing

Martin Eugeniev
1 month 9 days ago

I prefer Finger but the iris is very cool to! And it works VERY GOOD to!

1 month 9 days ago

Pattern with trusted device unlock. Best concept in Android.

1 month 9 days ago

You really should have had an option Iris & fingerprint as I’ve got them both set up to use them both

1 month 9 days ago

Fingerprint works great for me and I have the plus-variant. Easy to reach and works like a charm. But I also use iris-scanning a lot of the time, which is really fast. However, I prefer the fingerprint scanner due to its convenience and speed.

1 month 9 days ago

Iris recognition works perfectly for me 99% of the time. I still have fingerprints for those odd occasions or for Paypal login. And when all else fails, I have a pattern set up.

1 month 9 days ago

Same for me, Iris scanner is much improved over the Note7 version. I have found that it will work even when my eyes are not directly lined up with the phone. So cool

1 month 9 days ago

Only PIN usage, due to the nasty fingerprint scanner position

1 month 9 days ago

I use PIN, finger print scanner and trusted device with my Gear S3

1 month 9 days ago

Iris Recognition works perfectly in all light and dark conditions on my s8+
fp also works well but iris is best

Martin Eugeniev
1 month 9 days ago

I use PIN, Iris scanner
and the finger print sensor…