Tizen smartphones doing great in India, will eventually be released globally

Samsung’s Tizen Developer Conference 2017 kicked off today in San Francisco. During its keynote, the company talked about all of the improvements that it has made to the Tizen platform over the years and the vision that it has for Tizen 4.0. It also showcased a couple of hardware products at the conference.

The company has shared some interesting stats about its Tizen-powered smartphones at TDC 2017 today. Tizen smartphones were first released in India before gradually being expanded to countries in South East Asia and Africa.

Samsung revealed today that Tizen smartphones are performing really well in India. Sales were up 30 percent in 2016 and over 100 percent in 2017 so far. It sees even faster growth in the future. Samsung also pointed out that while Tizen smartphones got their start in India, they “will be available to all countries in the world eventually.”

That’s a pretty significant statement from the company. It has only released low-end Tizen smartphones so far and that too in only a handful of markets. While there has been speculation about a high-end Tizen smartphone, it may never become a reality unless Samsung is eyeing a global launch for such a product.

If the company really wants to bring its Tizen smartphones to all markets across the globe, then there’s a good possibility that it will expand its Tizen smartphone lineup and we may end up getting a flagship-level Tizen-powered phone as well.

Apps are what makes a platform great today and Samsung certainly knows that. It promises that there will be 10x as many Tizen apps this year than there were in 2016.



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Interesting. Sure Google would aggressively work to impede this. I wouldn’t mind a Tizen phone if they can come up with something better than Android.


Cant wait, tizen os, samsung hardware pure samsung through and through. Call me a fanboy but i am hard into their ecosystem and everything in my house is samsung. Many things run tizen already. Tv gear s3 smartthings ect.

ELton Brooks
ELton Brooks

They are kidding? Right? LOL


No thanks