Bixby makes its way to the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator

When Samsung took the wraps off its Bixby virtual assistant a little over two months ago, it revealed that it wouldn’t only be available on smartphones and that over time it will make its way to a slew of home appliances — and that expansion has finally started.

On Sunday, the South Korean company announced that it’s now pre-loading Bixby on its Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator. It’s also started rolling a rather hefty software update for all units that have already been shipped, which bundles compatibility for the assistant.

Samsung’s decision to bring Bixby to the Family Hub 2.0 comes amid Amazon and Microsoft’s recent unveiling of new smart home products. It’s believed that the firm is planning to put the AI on board all of its consumer goods to further challenge its competitors.

“The digital assistant Bixby can learn itself by analyzing user’s voice commands,” said a representative on behalf of Samsung, later adding that a Family Hub 2.0 equipped with the Bixby will provide totally different services from any other refrigerator.

Equipped with Bixby, the already smart Family Hub 2.0 is smarter than ever, enabling you to search for recipes and weather information with voice commands. Its deep learning algorithm also enables the fridge to control temperature automatically and recall recipes based on your eating habits.

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