[Update: Galaxy A7 (2016), too] Android 7.0 Nougat hits the Galaxy A5 (2016) in India

The Galaxy A5 (2016) is the first non-flagship Galaxy phone to receive Nougat; the rollout started with Russia, and it has now expanded to the Indian market. It could be available in other markets already, so if you have received the update on your A5 (2016), do let us know in the comments section.

With Samsung aiming for consistency in software across its range of devices, the Nougat update for the A series devices brings the new user interface that runs on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Performance and battery life should get a boost, and we will be taking a closer look at what the latest version of Android brings to the Galaxy A lineup in the near future. For now, check out the video below that shows Nougat in action on the Galaxy A5 (2016).

If you’re in India, go into the Settings » About Device menu to download Nougat. Don’t see it yet? It can take time for updates to reach everyone, so be sure to keep checking from time to time.

Update: The update is also rolling out for the Galaxy A7 (2016) (as a 970 MB download) in India, as pointed out to us by Navin. We’ve added more screenshots.



Thanks, ikps_sidhu!

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2 days 17 hours ago

ya deberían haber lanzado android 7 para el a5 2016 (SM-A510M) -_- que les pasa samsung

1 day 18 hours ago

Me pregunto lo mismo.

2 days 22 hours ago

In Chile (CL) is rolling up the update Nougat 7.0. Now i update the phone (SM-A710M) and its much more rapidly and stable. Thanks for the update.

1 day 18 hours ago

Amigo, no sabes si la actualización llegó para el A510M de Chile? Gracias!

2 days 17 hours ago

Seriously? I have the A510M on Panama TPA (I flashed the firmware from here) So i guess it will be coming soon to my device as well! I’m so excited haha

3 days 50 minutes ago

I am glad to see Samsung keeps its promise unusually. lol
Could anyone updated A5(6) to Nougat see any improvements in the camera, especially, the front camera? Any new modes added?
I am bit disappointed with the camera performances. The colours are not natural and punchy. It looks washed out. For example, my blue denim looks grey. lol
Can anyone confirm camera improvements?
Or else, I have to wait until Rovo releases Xposed Framework for Nougat.

Aditya Kubal
3 days 5 hours ago

I have updated A7 (2016) to Nougat. I am facing issue with 4G & 3G. Suddenly mobile is disconnected with internet though it shows that it is connected with network. Can anyone help me with that.

3 days 21 hours ago

Cuando saldrá para el Galaxy A5 2016 (A510M) de América?

4 days 19 hours ago

Cuando saldrá la actualización a NOUGAT para el modelo SM-A710M ??? Por que ya salio para otro modelo del A7 que es el SM-A710F….

archit dhodi
5 days 17 hours ago

after getting my nougat update on a7 2016 there was a small update of about 20mb. can anyone tell what was it for

6 days 6 hours ago

I have updated A7 (2016) to Nougat. I am facing issue with 4G & 3G. Suddenly mobile is disconnected with internet though it shows that it is connected with network. I hope samsung is working on the same on sos basis

6 days 11 hours ago

so when A5 2017 get that?

Muhammad Qasim Sagheer
6 days 18 hours ago

Android 7.0 OTA update For Samsung A5 2016 is also arrived in Pakistan today..

nouman irfan
1 day 17 hours ago

in which city??
can u send some screenshots as well??
mention ur model no as well kindly

Allan Evangelista
7 days 15 hours ago

Gostaria de saber que data ira vir via OTA para o BRASIL … ?

8 days 1 hour ago

I hope this will not take too long hit my device.
Last year took 3 month after SER get MM.

Ankita basak
8 days 23 hours ago

When a9 pro update is available?

8 days 23 hours ago

Performance has greatly improved, battery too. Don’t have any issue with the charging problems most people comment about. Mine charges to 100%. Its a shame there’s no blue light filter though.

ShAmmi 6710
9 days 2 hours ago

super naougat on samsung a7 2016

10 days 1 hour ago

When time update nougat galaxy A5 2016 SM-A510FD in Iraq

Felipe Andres Lovato
10 days 2 hours ago

Espero que Samsung lance pronto Android 7.0 para el Galaxy J7 (2016).

arun panicker
10 days 7 hours ago

I have updated my a5 2016 few days before. Interface and performance improved. But has some problems too. Sometimes battery can’t be charged fully and it stuck between 80 and 100. I was pretty happy with its battery life on marshmallow, but after nougat superfast battery drain detected. I have just started using it and will come back….

10 days 8 hours ago

I have updated my Galaxy A7 2016 to android 7.0, now it can’t charging to 100%.

Kishan Pattnaik
10 days 8 hours ago

When will android 7.0 hit samsung galaxy a9 pro 2016 ???

10 days 14 hours ago

A5 2016 nougat firmware have much bugs. Recently found

1. Battery doesnt get fully charged ( sometimes when put mobile on charging while device is on the battery charging stucks between 70% to 100% percent).

2. 3×4 keyboard stucks while typing like we had problems in g530h 4.4

The features needs back.
3d, bass and clarity option in soundalive

Smart manager was better than device maintenance. The device maintenance cause much battery consumption.

I hope we won’t get such bugs in turkey nougat update and please add those features back they forced me to downgrade device back to 6.0

10 days 17 hours ago

Still waiting for the a3 2016 nougat update :(

10 days 16 hours ago

Yeah. :( All the community of a3 2016.

10 days 17 hours ago

A5 2016 Nougat 7.0 Update gets in Turkey. It’s came it out 1 week early the planned date. :)

10 days 18 hours ago

When time update nougat galaxy A5 2016 SM-A510FD

10 days 19 hours ago

Still eagerly waiting for Nougat for my Galaxy A9 Pro 2016.