Galaxy S5 is still the most popular Samsung smartphone in the US

Samsung is a major player in the US smartphone market as its flagship smartphones are almost always some of the most highly anticipated devices of the year in this particular market. Samsung’s flagship smartphones have seen considerable success in the country, the Galaxy S5 particularly, as the 2014 flagship still remains the most popular Samsung device in the United States.

The latest data shared by market research firm KantarWordpanel reveals that 15.6 percent of Samsung’s entire user base in the United States is accounted for by the Galaxy S5. It’s followed by the Galaxy S7 in second place with 11.5 percent of the installed base, the Galaxy S6 in third place with 11.4 percent and the Galaxy S7 edge in fourth with 5.8 percent of the installed base.

Kantar’s data shows that over the last 12 months, almost 28 percent of Samsung’s entire installed base upgraded to one of its new smartphones. Of that 28 percent, more than 52 percent opted for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and 10 percent went with a Galaxy S6.

The remainder was divided among 48 Samsung devices which goes to show that Samsung’s diverse offerings in the country do tend to bring in buyers.

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