Samsung starts firmware development for the Galaxy Note 8

We’ve received word from our sources that Samsung has started firmware development for the international variant of the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 8 (codenamed Great).

In addition, we’ve caught wind that it’s begun working on firmware builds for the recently-announced refurbished variant of the Galaxy Note 7, though they appear to be exclusive to South Korea.

  • Refurbished Galaxy Note 7: N935LKLU2AQD2/N935LLUC2AQD2/N935LKLU2AQD2
  • Galaxy Note 8: N950FXXU0AQC6/N950FOXM0AQC6/N950FXXU0AQC6
Don't miss [Exclusive] Galaxy Note 8 codename and model number, refurbished Note 7 in development for South Korea

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21 days 6 hours ago

ok so specs of Note 8 will be same as s8 but with spen …. same story like S7 and Note 7 nothing worth to wait 6 Months longer. No IR, Only Edge Models… by Sammy…

jose kerginaldo de paula
21 days 21 hours ago

In my opinion the note 4 was the best Note ever.Waiting for the Note 8.

Stephen Hardy
22 days 11 hours ago

I’ve had my note 4 since when it was 1st released, I will be upgrading to the note 8. Dear samsung please don’t make this a 5.7 or 5.8 inch screen this has been done since the note 3 it’s time for a big leap, match the s8 plus in screen size or make it larger, that for me is the big deciding factor for me. Also keep the headphone jack, micro sd, & please release 5 to 6gb of ram for the US & CAN, don’t make the 6gb ram just an Asian exclusive that’s not right. Also please increase battery size if possible worst case scenario add atleast another 100 to 200 mah extra. & if possible bring back the ir blaster.

23 days 1 hour ago

I think samsung is very fast,but with android versions it’s very slow.Samsung should be faster with android updates and slower with phone production

23 days 16 hours ago

Honestly I’ll be waiting for the Samsung Note 9 or 10. The S8 seems to much like my s7 edge.

23 days 14 hours ago

I`ll skip S8.It is S7 with little bigger display and one extra button:) The note 8 will be more or less bigger version of S8.It began to get bored!

23 days 16 hours ago

Wait for the Galaxy S9 or S10 as well. ;)

23 days 20 hours ago

Excited for the Note 8. They need to bring back the fingerprint sensor to the front underneath the glass (or at least place it in the middle of the phone) and make a 300gb version available on day one and also bring back the IR blaster. Is that too much to ask for?

23 days 18 hours ago

300gb version is not necessary it’ll cost like hell

24 days 1 hour ago

Can’t wait for the Note 8. S8 is a big disappointment for me.

24 days 4 hours ago

Cool so it’ll be released on 7.1.1 then and updated to O within the first two 2 months

24 days 2 hours ago

Just because they started development now doesn’t mean it’ll release on 7.1.1. If Android O is released on August like Nougat, and the Note 8 will be released on October, it’s quite possible it’ll release with Android O. If not, it will without a doubt be released with the last version of Nougat.

24 days 4 hours ago

Lol, never bought a Samsung before? ;)

24 days 3 hours ago

have you? i don’t think you did