LG Display may supply 700,000 LCD panels to Samsung


Last updated: March 27th, 2017 at 10:29 UTC+01:00

Sharp notified Samsung three months ago that it would soon stop supplying the company with LCD panels. Samsung has been looking for other suppliers since then and it has turned to LG Display. Reports suggest that LG Display may start supplying Samsung with LCD panels as early as June this year. According to a new report, LG Display is planning to supply 700,000 units of LCD panels for TVs to its rival this year.

Japan-based Sharp decided to end supply to Samsung after it was acquired by Foxconn. Market analysts believe that this decision was intended to promote the sales of the company’s own TVs instead of providing support to Samsung in the lucrative LCD TV market.

LG and Samsung are both competitors in multiple markets across the globe. This is going to be the first such deal between the two behemoths. No official confirmation has come in as yet but LG Display did say last month that discussions continue with Samsung on the supply of LCD panels. An official from Samsung reiterated that no official agreement has been signed as yet.

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