Galaxy S8 launcher and app icons surface online

You may have read our what to expect from the Galaxy S8 article by now which tells you almost everything that you need to know about the upcoming flagship. However, we’ll continue to see new stuff related to the handset until it’s officially announced in a couple of weeks. One of our readers has shared some images of the Galaxy S8 launcher and updated app icons with us.

According to the reader, these screenshots of the Galaxy S8 launcher and app icons were discovered inside the APK of the latest version of Samsung’s Smart Switch application. They’re not that high quality but they do give us an idea of what to expect as far as the look and feel of the new flagship’s user interface is concerned.

The Galaxy S8 will surely be running Android 7.0 Nougat when it’s released next month. We can see that Samsung will be sticking with its clean and simple user interface that it really embraced with the Samsung Experience skin for Android 7.0 Nougat.

Samsung is due to unveil the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus on March 29.


Thanks, Durim!

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Kevin Borkloe
1 month 14 days ago

This new S8 and S8+ is gonna be the one of the best phones ever made to date.
Its got the best promises and innovations I have ever lived to see.
Big fan of the new lineup, biggest fan of samsung.
The icons of this beast is kindda ok…….BUT it’d be really awesome if they used a much polished version of the grace ux icons instead of changing them completely. I mean I like these new icons but the ones for the Note 7 and S7 (Grace UX) are pretty Badass and gorgeous to look at.

Faisal 123
1 month 15 days ago

Samsung U should add Resolution featurs in Galaxy s6 device thats affect its battery life… and thats will be good.

Balaram Barman
1 month 15 days ago

S8 new free and neat looking ui is good but i have never thought that samsung will do like this to its new flagship…..because samsung is going on through its touchwiz ui and touchwiz is all iver best looking….it has all we want…else the new touchwiz will look like chinese branded smartphones…and we dont like chinese smartphones….so please dont mix up chinese smartphones and dont copy the clone smartphones please…thnk u so much

1 month 16 days ago

It looks nice, but seriously get rid of google search bar already! Google itself already got rid of it!

1 month 16 days ago

its just a skin but it looks like chinese brand phones UI design, like miui so similar, and i quite didnt like it. hehehe

1 month 16 days ago

Ni3 and smooth

1 month 16 days ago

That’s a joke right XD?

1 month 16 days ago

Anybody has that wallpapers? Or something similar?

1 month 16 days ago

In some leaks, I saw the back and multitasking switch places. I would like it to be possible on the S8. I always liked the back button on the left

1 month 16 days ago

I like the new icon design, I think it goes together nicely, the colours need to be more popping for an sAMOLED screen though, they look a bit dull

1 month 16 days ago

Design is good but colors are not beautiful .. the Marshmallow ones are better in colors and feels more alive.

A Sweaty Womble
1 month 16 days ago

I like the icons… I don’t like the fact that 3rd party icons have the image in the middle followed by a rounded white background. It ruins the whole experience. Especially the really popular ones like Gmail, YouTube, Play Store and Maps.

I know they can’t do every single app and game out, but at least do the essential ones like YouTube, Gmail, Maps and other popular ones.

1 month 16 days ago

You do know that we have option in settings to choose between rounded white background and no background for icons right?

A Sweaty Womble
1 month 16 days ago

That’s even worse… Then it’s not even remotely consistent. The theme of my comment is consistency.

1 month 15 days ago

The theme store has a separate icon-section since Nougat. You can apply different icon sets if you don’t like “stock”

A Sweaty Womble
1 month 15 days ago

Please read original post.

1 month 16 days ago

I like the icons. Makes them all seem open. They also go very well with the home keys. I love seeing the lack of a app drawer shortcut though. Hoping this will function like the Pixel launcher.

1 month 16 days ago

I like this. Not more or less than the current Nougat look but I’m looking forward to seeing this on my Note5 (via ROMs obviously).

1 month 16 days ago

Nice concept. So simple yet damn fascinating. Waiting for these materalised icons.

1 month 16 days ago

I don’t like these icons so much. I prefer Galaxy S7/S6 nougat icons