Samsung discounts T-Mobile Galaxy S7 edge by $250

Samsung has been offering some great discounts on the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge recently as it gears up to launch the Galaxy S8 in a couple of weeks. Samsung recently offered the Sprint Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge at a significant discount and it’s now doing something similar for the T-Mobile variant as well. The company is selling the T-Mobile Galaxy S7 edge for $429.99 which is a $250 discount compared to the retail price. To entice customers to pick up this handset it’s also going to give a free 128GB microSD card with each purchase.

Buying the handset from Samsung means that it can’t be bought on T-Mobile’s Jump on Demand or Equipment Installment Plan but since that’s quite a big discount I’m sure many would go away and buy it outright at that price. The company’s online store currently has all four color options in stock – black, blue, silver and gold – but that might change soon once units start flying off shelves.

Head over to Samsung’s online store right now to take advantage of this price cut if you’ve been meaning to pick up a new Galaxy S7 edge.


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