Samsung’s infamous battery affiliate gets a new leader

You may not have heard of Samsung SDI prior to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle last year. It’s the conglomerate’s battery affiliate and it supplies Samsung Electronics with battery cells for its smartphones. Samsung SDI was supplying the bulk of the batteries for the Galaxy Note 7 and as the company’s thorough investigation later revealed, there was a problem with the battery which caused the Galaxy Note 7 to combust spontaneously.

Samsung SDI’s reputation has suffered a great deal of damage but the company has done a lot of soul-searching since the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle and is committed to ensuring that something like that doesn’t happen again. Cho Nam-seong was the previous CEO of Samsung SDI who recently tendered his resignation due to personal reasons.

He’s now going to be replaced by Jun Young-hyun who is currently the president of Samsung’s memory chip division, according to a statement issued by Samsung SDI. Jun’s nomination as the new leader of Samsung’s now infamous battery affiliate is subject to approval at the company’s annual shareholder meeting which takes place on March 24.

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