Samsung brings Tizen Store access to 41 additional countries

Samsung has made Tizen a long-term investment, and apps have been considered to be the main priority: get as many as you can on the platform so that users can feel more at home with the novel OS. And yet, at the same time, having a good number of apps without access to those apps is another obstacle that could hinder adoption of Tizen OS for the long haul.

Samsung realizes this, which is why the Korean giant has decided today to open Tizen Store access up to an additional 41 countries, bringing the total of access countries for the platform now to 222 from just around 180 prior. Samsung’s Tizen Store went global (broadly speaking here, not for every country) in 2015.

The new countries with Tizen Store access include American Samoa, Cape Verde, Chad, Cuba, French Guiana, Gibraltar, Guam, the Holy See (Vatican City State), Liechtenstein, Netherlands Antilles, Niger, Palestine, and South Sudan, among others.

Alongside of bringing store access to more countries worldwide, Samsung continues to build its app portfolio for the fledgling platform, having recently brought apps such as Temple Run 2, its own Smart Tutor customer support for Z1, Z2, and Z3 customers, and Nougat Launcher to the Tizen Store. Indonesia has also received a revamped version of the Tizen Store in the last few months.


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7 months 1 hour ago

More steps to eventually discarding Android.

Aditya Thapa
7 months 3 hours ago
Aditya Thapa

Right. We need something fresh in the mobile ecosystem now.

7 months 8 hours ago

Dang… I hope Tizen takes off so that I can try it out. Why not open it to more manufacturers though?