Samsung SDI’s China factory catches fire

Samsung SDI is the battery-making affiliate of the Samsung Group. Samsung Electronics sources a big chunk of the batteries for its mobile devices from this company, and yes, Samsung SDI was one of the suppliers for the Galaxy Note 7’s battery as well. It’s actually going to be supplying the bulk of the batteries for the Galaxy S8 as well.

Following reports out Weibo, a spokesman for Samsung SDI confirmed that there was a “minor fire” at its factory in northern China. The pictures that circulated online showed plumes of black smoke rising into the air. Samsung SDI spokesman Shin Yong-doo said that the factory at the company’s Tianjin plant didn’t affect production.

Cue the jokes about fires and explosions, since Samsung SDI was squarely blamed for the Galaxy Note 7’s troubles as well. The spokesman did clarify that the fire occurred at a waste depository and the not the production facility so it’s not like everything that Samsung SDI creates has a tendency to catch fire.


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