Galaxy S8’s Bixby AI assistant will have support for 7-8 languages

It’s common knowledge now that the Galaxy S8 is going to come with an artificial intelligence virtual assistant called Bixby. We exclusively told you recently that Bixby is going to be much more capable than its rivals and that it’s going to be very deeply integrated with the system. According to a new report, Bixby will have support for 7-8 languages at launch, even more than Google Assistant.

Google’s AI voice assistant currently has support for English, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Hindi languages. Samsung’s Bixby is reportedly going to support up to 8 languages, including but not limited to English, Korean and Chinese. Samsung is said to be banking on its AI virtual assistant to drive consumer demand for the Galaxy S8. We can also expect Bixby to eventually make its way to other Samsung products as well such as smart TVs, appliances and other connected devices. Bixby will surely play a much bigger role in the Samsung ecosystem in the coming years.

The report reiterates that Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S8 in New York City on March 29. It also says that the company is going to release the Galaxy S8 in South Korea and select markets around April 20.

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