Galaxy Note 8 specs rumored to include 4K display and Bixby AI assistant

Last week, we exclusively broke the story about Samsung using the ‘Bixby’ voice assistant with the Galaxy S8 as the default voice assistant for all native apps. A newer report emerging out of South Korea is mentioning that this feature will also make its way to the Galaxy Note 8.

The phone is also expected to be packing a UHD or 4K resolution display which would, at least in theory, provide users with an enhanced virtual reality experience.

This report mentions that Samsung will release the flagship only after announcing the results of its investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 fires. Samsung is expected to publicly announce the results of its investigation later this month. An unnamed Samsung official has been cited as the source for this report, so its authenticity cannot be confirmed as of yet.

It seems like Samsung is prepping to up the game significantly with the next Note flagship, which is a must considering the flak the company has received following the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.


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13 days 19 hours ago

Yet another unsubstantiated clickbait rumour. I wish we could avoid all this rubbish for the next few months until the device is released. It’s getting really boring now. We should just have all possible rumours listed together in one article and be done with it.

13 days 20 hours ago

I think it might work in Samsung’s favour to release the S8 and Note8 together, They could easily make what the Note7 was but with a higher resolution, android 7+ Bixby

13 days 18 hours ago

Been saying this for years. Might not be nice of me to say, but I’m really glad the whole Note7 thing happened; it should make them think twice about QC, and give them a chance to revise their release dates/strategy. Crossing my fingers both the GS8 AND Note8 are announced and released together this spring. Dunno what they’re worried about, it’s not like there has been anything better than the Galaxy S line’s specs/hardware released in the second half of the past 2 years or so, despite it being released in the first half. Both the Note5 and Note7 were very similar in specs to the S lines respectively.

In addition to releasing them together, what they should ALSO do is release more MAJOR updates, not just the latest version of Android. Something close to how major Grace UI is. If they feel compelled to compete with the iPhone releases, they should debut a major update at the same time the iPhones are announced with new compelling features. Regardless, they should also support all their flagship lines since the GS6 for 4+ years of software updates. THAT, in my opinion, will get them to have more publicity, better sales, and more customer satisfaction.

While they’re at it, they should also get rid of their Galaxy A line, since it’s very redundant. One could buy last year’s flagship Galaxy S/Note and get MUCH better value. They should also drop the J and Go lines too. One flagship series, and another budget series, that’s all they need. If people need more affordable phones, they could get previous year devices, which still have better specs than current low end devices.

13 days 18 hours ago

Might I also add that this release strategy is MUCH better for the Galaxy ecosystem. Good luck finding cases and/or accessories for their Galaxy A/J/C/Go/whatever series. If they concentrate more on providing better support for previous year flagships/budget phones as current year’s midrange/low-end (with a discount), and provide better software updates to make the devices more usable, they should be able to manage better sales, better support, and a MUCH better ecosystem. Also, less consumer confusion and better brand recognition. These devices will have dirt-cheap replacement parts, and will hold on to their value much longer. If the devices hold on more to their value, they make more money.

For the love of God Sammy, please at least consider this. What you’re doing now is nothing but stupid market saturation while diluting your brand.

13 days 16 hours ago

I do not think they’ll ever have timely android updates, except maybe security patches because their android skin, Samsung Experience – TouchWiz is so different from Stock. Other companies have been moving towards a more stock experience allowing them to roll out updates quicker but Samsung appears to be leading the Android charge. Multi-window for example has been on TouchWiz for such a long time, only recently has it been added to stock. So only when Stock android is like the Samsung Experience or vice versa will software updates be timely.

13 days 9 hours ago

I never said “timely updates”. Unlike what everyone else thinks, timely updates are not a good thing. New versions of Android usually have lots of bugs that need to be ironed out, and lots of apps don’t support the latest version. Being 3-6 months late is good for the average user.

What I am suggesting, is 4+ years of SUPPORT for MAJOR firmware/Touchwiz releases for ALL devices. One that doesn’t have features omitted from older phones or lesser models.

There’s little evidence that people buy new phones because they’re missing some software features from the newer ones, they buy phones because they want newer phones. Hope that’s clear.