Samsung releases fourth Nougat beta for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung is pushing out a new version of the Nougat beta firmware for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge today, making it the third update to be reaching devices taking part in the beta program. The fourth version of the beta is the smallest yet when it comes to the changelog, with the only thing apart from the usual slew of bug fixes and stability improvements being the removal of Samsung Notes as a pre-installed app.

The removal of Samsung Notes from the beta comes after the app received support for Android Nougat, so you can grab it from the Galaxy Apps store or Google Play to continue using it. In fact, you should do so before installing the fourth beta, as all your Samsung Notes data will be erased once the app is deleted. A pop-up warning on our handsets confirmed as much, so unless you’re backing up all your notes to your Samsung account, you will need to install the app from the store to keep your data.

Our Galaxy S7 edge also showed us a pop-up saying performance of the phone has been improved, and we have heard gaming and browsing have received special attention on that front. There’s another important change with the new beta – the About device section of the phone no longer mentions Samsung Experience, so it looks like Samsung is not yet ready to give its software an official name.

The update is 280 MB in size and is available over the air right now; if you don’t see a notification for the update yet, search for Software update in the settings menu to download it manually. See something new in the latest Nougat beta? Let us know in the comments, and check out our What’s New With Nougat series to see everything the Nougat beta has brought to the S7 and S7 edge!



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4 months 24 days ago

Hopefully the 7.1.1 update will fix the up to 10 second delay between selecting a contact to dial and the phone actually dialing the contact on my S7 6.0.1…. a work colleague had similar with a S7Edge and has moved to a 7S which dials immediately with no thinking time reqd by the phone. Time is money…waiting for a phone just to commence its primary function is particularly frustrating.

Btw…Sammobile people…. you need to look at that dumb antispam test for new member registrations…. it was impossible to complete on a Surface 4 Pro touch screen, I had to resort to an old PC/screen/mouse to move the items to correct position….(then i was informed I was already registered lol)

4 months 29 days ago

any one know firmware problums i having problum when i update the verizon firmware s7 and s7 edge no more 4g lte and. globle mode ?

5 months 6 days ago

Sorry AT&T will not let you participate in the Galaxy Beta Program like other carriers are doing. Just out of Luck with an AT&T Galaxy. This should not be left up to the carrier but to Samsung. About had it with AT&T.

5 months 6 days ago

**** Important

Somebody who have access to galaxy beta program, can report a bug to samsung?

In App list , in search when you enter name of an app which starts with P (like PayPal), TouchWiz will force close.

even in android 6 the bug was there.

5 months 7 days ago

i am just wondering this has nothing with the beta but in general software updates from Samsung. does anybody know why updates must be approved by carries and regions before the roll out of the update comes. like an example if Google or Apple releases an new update everyone csn update that same day and where ever you live. why isn’t that the same with Samsung?

5 months 7 days ago

not just samsung , also LG and other serveral companies , in software updates there is also 3rd party app bloat related to each country , carriers must approve to not get their devices faulty software or other problems that effect the device itself

5 months 6 days ago

okay thanks for the answer. but carries shouldn’t be allowed to put blotware in 3rd party phone maker’s

5 months 5 days ago

But in the US, carriers dictate everything except iPhone due to its locked nature

5 months 7 days ago

There’s a function during an active call that allows you to mark it as an important call. What does this do?

5 months 7 days ago

The Device Maintenance widget is not longer working properly after update

5 months 6 days ago

You have to remove it and then add it to your home screen again from the app. Not totally sure why, but it is working for me now.

5 months 7 days ago

There are some problem not solve from 3rd Beta and still there with 4th Beta .The new problem with some applications it close force.

I hope to solve it at the final update for galaxy s7 edge.

iam upset.

5 months 7 days ago

Is this beta 4 or 5, I’m on 4 now, but everywhere is calling 5 a 4. Haven’t recieved the new update yet, tmobile united states

5 months 7 days ago

It is Beta 4 and beta 4 is the latest.
You can see in Members application also where the notices are available which contains the whole list of beta versions officially updated by Samsung.

5 months 7 days ago

Can’t wait to get the official release.

5 months 7 days ago

When gona the official android nougat be released?

5 months 7 days ago

After s8 launch

5 months 7 days ago

Whats the release date for the middle east..
I havent got android nougat
On my galaxy s7 edge

5 months 7 days ago

After i install Galaxy beta program and agree with everything..when i press Register i get the message ” SERVER ERROR. TRY AGAIN LATER” why …??? Btw i do have samsung account.

5 months 7 days ago

The sign up deadline was many moons ago.

5 months 7 days ago

Haven’t gotten the push yet :(

5 months 8 days ago

Is there a way to force my Phone to get this OTA if I flashed the first beta via Odin? It keeps saying the latest updates are already installed (My version is (…PK1).

5 months 8 days ago

just did an update. Didn’t factory reset. I noticed that the notification shade has a smooter animation now. Didn’t notice any lag in the notification shade yet unlike the previous beta’s. Occasionally lags when pressing and holding on the home screen to go to home screen settings.

A few changes I’ve noticed:

The sync alert message is back. I hate it. :D

Calendar widget now has border on current day.

device maintenance widget has total storage and ram indicator not just the current values.

New animation when navigating between menus and child menus in settings and overall I believe. Samsung cloud is working again. I was unable to backup my data on beta 3.

5 months 8 days ago

Sorry the Galaxy Beta Program app will install, check to accept terms OK but will not Connect to Server a message says. It is an Unlocked ATT S7 and registered on My Samsung support site.

5 months 8 days ago

Unfortunately, the latest beta broke the Theme Store support.

Compatibility error on all items in My Page section.

5 months 8 days ago

ATT will not let Galaxy Beta install. Terrible Network with Updates.

5 months 8 days ago

I don’t know how many years left for stable official nougat for s7!!!!!!
Samsung became last company in releasing nougat update … :-|

5 months 8 days ago

They have added the black pearl wallpaper!

5 months 8 days ago

Is there anyway to get out of the 1st nougat beta update ? Is there any odin flashable file to update to a newer build ?

5 months 8 days ago

Nice. Hope they fixed most off the bugs.

5 months 8 days ago

After rebooting, I got an “Android is upgrading” notification that stayed for about a minute, a Beta warning/disclaimer pop-up, and a “Device Optimised” notification that led to the Normal / Game / Enhanced power saving settings screen.

Didn’t get the first two of these three things after the last beta update. Could this now be Android 7.1.1 but they just haven’t changed the “7.0″ string in settings?