Samsung’s mobile chief calls for tightened security ahead of the Galaxy S8’s release

Samsung’s mobile business chief Koh Dong-jin has urged employees to “tighten security” ahead the release of its next flagship smartphone, reveals The Korea Herald. It’s believed that the call for improvement comes as speculation about the upcoming Galaxy S8‘s design is becoming increasingly accurate.

“I feel deeply regretful to hear news of the recent attempts at data breach and prototype leak,” said Koh in an email sent to employees on December 15. “Samsung had a bitter experience due to the leak of important data — on product design and business strategies — to China and consequently suffered damages in the past.”

After the Galaxy Note 7’s unfortunate demise, Samsung’s preparing to make a solid comeback with the Galaxy S8 in H1 of 2017 — so understandably the last thing it wants is competitors catching wind of the handset’s internal and external specifications before it’s ready to be unveiled to be public.

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