Samsung Display betting on virtual reality panels to increase share in mobile OLED market

Samsung Display is looking to further improve its share in the mobile OLED market by betting on panels for virtual reality and augmented reality, one of the company’s top engineers said at a display seminar in South Korea today. Park Won-sang, Samsung Display’s principal engineer, was speaking at the International Meeting on Information Display in Seoul, he said that the company expects the mobile OLED market to grow as virtual reality and augmented reality applications become more popular.

Park said that Samsung Display is working to increase energy efficiency for high power consumption of VR panels. It’s a major obstacle but Samsung is working to overcome this technical limitation. Samsung Display is also attaching importance to augmented reality, “We are viewing the augmented reality market as very important,” Park said, adding that it allows for innovative applications that combine the digital and real world. He said that Samsung Display is working to solve eye problems that AR users often complain about, users complain about eye strain and dry eyes as they have to focus on panels from a short distance in a dark environment. That’s one of the augmented reality pain points that Samsung is working to address.

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