FedEx and UPS will only ship Galaxy Note 7 returns under strict conditions

Samsung has killed the Galaxy Note 7 and has urged all users to return the handset to get an exchange or a refund. However, shipping companies are understandably very concerned about carrying a device that has been recalled twice due to a lithium battery failure. FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service have all confirmed that they will not ship packages containing the handset in their planes, they will only carry the device in their trucks and that too under strict conditions. There’s a legal impediment here as well because guidelines of the US Department of Transportation prohibit air shipments of lithium battery products that have been recalled for safety reasons.

FedEx has said that only its FedEx Ground service is going to accept new or used devices, “but only from mobile phone retail locations… only in packaging that meets strict regulatory guidelines.” The company has clarified that it’s not going to accept the Galaxy Note 7 from “individual customers or through retail outlets, including drop boxes.” The United States Postal Service and UPS have both said that they will only allow ground shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 in special packaging. Samsung is trying to make the return process easier for customers. It’s sending them special fireproof packaging complete with safety gloves and instructions for safe handling of the device. The Galaxy Note 7 return kits have been sent out to those who got in touch with Samsung about shipping back the Galaxy Note 7.

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